ActivityContactBldg.Ext.Brief Description
Amateur Radio ClubJoe Levesque902M4259The Radio Club is here to promote the hobby to anyone with an interest. We provide emergency communications during weather events. We hold licensing classes regularly for those interested in obtaining an amateur radio operator’s license.
Archery ClubPaul Humbert4525829Uses outdoor range year-round. Membership Application ~ Safety Instructions
Badminton Club
(Stretching & Warm-up)
Erik Muller535B8112Casual play on reserved courts, lunch times and Saturdays year round/singles ladder and doubles tournament runs Sept. – April.
Bodybuilding ClubPaul Sampson911A7178Members meet during open gym hours.
BREA (Brookhaven Retired Employees’ Association)Arnold Moodenbaugh400A5090Retired employees meet and discuss issues concerning retirees benefits, etc.
The BNL OrchestraMarvin Schnubel511A3742We meet and rehearse classical music, Jazz and film music. Everyone with an orchestra instrument and basic skills is welcome to join! The repertoire is decided jointly by the orchestra members.
Chinese Students and Scholars Club (CSSC)Mengnan Zou535B8787Meets several times a year to promote and celebrate Chinese culture, play sports and outdoor activities, and renew friendship among us.
Futsal ClubRicardo dos Santos Augusto

Oleksii Biletskyi


Every Thursday from 5-7 PM in the BERA Gym (building 461) join us for some Futsal. Everyone is welcome, no fee required. We look forward to see you there!
Fishing ClubBlake White
Trevor Rodowicz
Jeff Hoogsteden
Our club seeks to bring together individuals of all skill levels and backgrounds to enjoy the art and joy of fishing while promoting responsible angling practices.
Gardening ClubErin Gettler400B5126To share practical and creative ideas for gardening on LI and at the Brookhaven Square Park
Pre-gardening stretches
BERA Golf AssociationMichael Seegitz7437728Teams compete weekly May thru Aug. and hold tournaments at local courses.
SAFETY REMINDER: NO golfing at softball fields 1-4! Golfing is only allowable across from security (Bldg. 50), on the south side of Brookhaven Center only. NOT by the water tower or on the large lawn by the Guest House.
* Indo American AssociationPiyush Joshi902A3847Promotes the culture of Indian subcontinent through festivals, dances, and concerts.
Maker ClubEmily Plassmann911A7139Join the Maker Movement. Be empowered to become a confident creator, inventor or tinkerer who can design and collaborate on projects. We endeavor to provide mentoring and education for beginners while challenging more advanced makers. Come share ideas, concepts, techniques, knowledge and fellowship.
Mandarin ClubElliot Jung8013228
Motorcycle ClubScott Restmeyer911B5015Promotes enjoyment of motorcycling. Sponsors motorcycle safety courses. Meets 2nd Thursday of month and location will be announced.
Pokemon Go Walking ClubKyle Vaz
Renee Warno
Meets at lunchtime & after hours to promote fitness while trying to catch Pokemon. Walking Stretches
Reiki Community CircleNicole Bernholc1202027Provide the structure for people to incorporate health enhancing skills in their lives. Weekly meditations and hands-on healing. Please call for meeting location.
Rifle & Pistol ClubJesse Fite
Joe Moskowitz
Holds shoots year-round at off-site range. No firearms allowed on BNL site. Meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of the month in Bldg 535 Conference Room at noon.
Rock & Blues Music ClubSteve Campo502238We are a club of performing musicians in the genre of classic rock and blues music. We periodically conduct performances for the BNL community under the band name “Supernova.” Please see our Mission Statement for more info.
Running & Cycling Club
Cycling Warmup
Walking Warmup
Renee Warno400B8278Schedules meets spring and fall; holds planning meetings as necessary.
Ways to Minimize Common Overuse Injuries
Soccer League
Stretching & Warm-up
Joseph Piacentino, Jr.911C4616Plays soccer on the ball field in the gazebo area.
Softball League
Stretching & Warm-up
Paul Sampson911A7178League plays May – September on four ball fields.
Swim ClubWlodzimierz Guryn510D3878Organized to promote health and fitness through swimming.
Table Tennis Club
Stretching & Warm-up
Weiguo Yin7342150Plays at noontime in gymnasium and Recreation Bldg.317
Table Top GamingGabriele D’Amen510A6127The BERA Tabletop Gaming Club (TTG) aims to foster an inclusive community of Tabletop enthusiasts within BNL. Game Nights are Thursday at 6pm in Rec Hall.
Tai Chi ClubAdam Rusek911B5830Ancient Chinese art, which is soft flowing, mentally relaxing form of exercise. Meets three days a week at Brookhaven Center.
Tennis ClubAi Kagawa7256177The club meets to play Tennis together during lunchtimes and after hours.
Trail Blazer ClubAlex Korol9334810No sponsored trips or events, but group will meet to discuss snow mobiles and best riding practices.
Ultimate Frisbee ClubGene Van Buren510A7953Meets on Monday & Thursday at 5:30pm in the field in front of Currie House during good weather. All are welcome from beginners to experienced players.
Volleyball League
Stretching & Warm-up
Travis Shrey911A7451The League plays in the gym on Mon & Wed eve, with open play available at noon on Thursdays and at 10am on Saturdays.

BERA Club Activities

Weight Room or Fitness Activities:  Any contractor or BERA member wishing to use the Weight Room or participate in BERA League sports MUST present their medical insurance card to the Recreation Office (Bldg 400). This signed form will be kept on file. Proof of Medical Insurance form.  While a player is injured, on restricted duty, under treatment for an injury or otherwise medically incapacitated, the person is not allowed to play in any BERA activity or sport until once again cleared by the clinic.

BERA Club Activities: BSA paid employees must fill out the BERA Sports Clearance Form and go through the clearance procedure with OMC in Bldg. 490 (not this office). Once reviewed by OMC, the clearance form will be mailed to the player who must then furnish a copy to the captain in order to practice or play.

Regarding Injuries: If you are injured during any recreational activity or while playing in BERA sports league on site, you must call the Occupation Medical Clinic at ext. 3670 or email immediately, no later than 24 hours post injury. Leave a message if after hours. You must also fill out an Injury Report Form. While a player is injured, on restricted duty, under treatment for an injury or otherwise medically incapacitated, the person is not allowed to play in any BERA activity or sport until once again cleared by the clinic.

BERA sports related warm-ups and stretching activities prior to and after the event.

Exercise Safe: Your Guide to a Smart & Safe Finish on Lower Extremities

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