The purpose of the Brookhaven Retired Employees’ Association (BREA) is to further retiree interests and benefits; to build closer community ties between Brookhaven National Laboratory and its neighbors; to publish a newsletter providing communication with retired employees and to encourage activities for social interaction in the retirement community.

Monthly Agenda

Announcement of Newsletter

Presentation from John Hill from the February meeting is located here.

Monthly Business Meetings

The BREA Board of Directors convenes monthly business meetings to develop and implement BREA policies and plans. Minutes of these meetings are listed below. The meetings are open to any members who wish to attend. Please contact the President if you have a particular issue that you would like to raise. The issue will be included on the next agenda and, if appropriate, space will be provided for additional attendees. See agendas.

We have a newsletter

Several times each year BREA produces a newsletter that is mailed to all current members. Members are encouraged to contribute articles and/or comments and should be addressed to Newsletter Editor Mona RoweSee Newsletter archive.

Membership List

Here is the listing of all current members of BREA:

Membership List

BREA Membership

We welcome new members!

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Stay in touch with the Lab

We encourage retirees to keep up with what’s happening at the Lab by signing up to receive the Brookhaven This Week email that’s distributed every Friday. We prefer you sign up for yourself rather than receiving a forwarded copy so that we can better assess how many people we’re reaching. You can sign up by visiting the Brookhaven This Week webpage.  

Retirees are welcome to sign up to receive the Lab’s classified ads each week from BREA. We email all the ads and services every weekend to a list we maintain. Retirees can sign up to receive the classified ads by emailing Adam Merone at and including “Classified Ads” in the subject line.

In Memoriam

We maintain a webpage where BNL family, friends and colleagues may send their memories of life experiences, contributions, and achievements of BNL retirees or employees who have recently passed. Each submitted obituary will be briefly summarized in the next issue of BREA News, along with a link to this page, where the full submission will be found. See remembrances.