Medical Benefits

Video of the third BNL information session with SelectQuote, which took place in Berkner auditorium on October 17…

Article Offers Advice for Selecting Your New Healthcare Plan

Beginning Jan. 1, 2015, BSA will no longer offer the medical plans CIGNA and HIP VIP for  Medicare-eligible participants. Instead, BSA has chosen SelectQuote Senior, a private healthcare exchange, to assist participants in electing new healthcare plans for medical and prescription drug coverage that best meets their needs. This New York Times article from Oct. 3, 2014, offers clear and critical information for BNL retirees who are in the process of choosing medical and prescription drug coverage.

Minimum Required Distribution – Will we out live it?

That is the leading question on the front page of the October 8, 2007 BREA Newsletter.  Elliot Auerbach addressed this question at the request of the BREA Board; in addition to the article he has provided an Excel spread sheet which can be downloaded, allowing one to modify the computation using differing  assumptions about earnings, future inflation rates, etc. 

Medical Screening Program

BNL management has informed BREA of a medical screening program which has as its stated goal is to “provide a free medical screening to construction workers who helped to build our nation’s nuclear defense sites”.  Click here for more information.  

Medicare Prescription Drug Program 

Many people have been confused about the new Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plan and their current coverage from BSA/BNL. Human Resources strongly recommends that retirees NOT enroll in a Part D plan. An ad-hoc committee from BREA consisting of Barney MacAlary and Eliott Auerbach have been looking into this and agree with HR.

Click here for the BREA ANALYSIS OF MEDICARE PRESCRIPTION DRUG COVERAGE and here for an important notice from BNL about your Prescription Drug Coverage and Medicare.  Please note that the Benefits Office states that recipients should save this notice as it might be needed if you change plans.  It is intended to retain a copy on this web site.

Update from Dr. Falco

Concerning EEOICPA changes (pdf)