BERA Bodybuilding Club (BBC)


Issue Date: January 2003
Revised Date:  August 2011

I. Charge

The Body Building Club (BBC) is accountable to Staff Services Division through the Brookhaven Employee Recreation Association (BERA) Manager.  The BBC Executive Board consists of four officers.  The four Club Officers shall be: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.  The BBC Executive Board is charged with the establishment of operation and procurement & maintenance of Club equipment.

At the discretion of the Board, additional short-term positions (three month appointment or less) may be filled from the current membership. These short-term positions will not have any additional Club rights or responsibilities above those of the general membership, except for task specific rights/responsibilities for which the position was created.

II. Responsibilities of Officers & Membership

The BBC Board is empowered to manage the Club in accordance with its Constitution.  They are responsible for allocation of resources derived from dues and other special funds to advance the goals of the Club.  A summary of club income and expenditures will be made available to BERA and the membership annually, upon request.  The Board is the primary vehicle for dissemination of information affecting Club operations.

All Club members are responsible for maintenance and preservation of Club equipment and to act in a manner conducive to Club interests.

Use of the weight room and upstairs cardio equipment is restricted to BBC Members. Members are encouraged to inquire of unfamiliar facility users of their membership status.  Non-members are allowed a single use of the facility to assess the facility.  Access to the facility will be through member enabled card reader equipped door.  Non-members observed bypassing the card reader system should be asked by active members to vacate the Club area, except under the aforementioned condition.  Members deliberately allowing unauthorized access of non-members to the facility may be subject to suspension of membership.

III. Limits of Authority

Club members are responsible for the daily operation of the club weightlifting and cardio area (west end of Building 461). All users of the facility are required to maintain equipment and the facility at a minimum as listed below.

  • Ensuring sanitary conditions of equipment (wipe off sweat after use)
  • Ensuring proper attire worn by all facility users (e.g., shirts and appropriate footwear)
  • Returning weight-plates, dumbbells and other materials to their appropriate racks and storage locations
  • Maintaining clear paths of travel (especially routes of egress)
  • Removing debris and ensuring reasonable level of housekeeping
  • Reporting broken or damaged equipment to Club Officers to affect repair or removal
  • Alerting Club Officers of potential Safety and/or Health Hazards
  • Assisting with periodic cleaning and maintenance of Club equipment
  • Ensuring/enforcing integrity of the card reader access system for Members Only
  • Assisting in the enforcement of the Club Bylaws and Constitution.
  • Notifying Officers of violations of Club policies & procedures.

IV. Board Membership

A.  Elected by:  A majority vote by the dues paying membership

B.  Term:   Two Years

C.  Current Members:

Board MembershipPosition
Peter PohlotPresident
Lori StieglerVice-President
Paul GeigerTreasurer
Paul SampsonSecretary

V. Meeting Frequency

General Membership Meetings will be held annually.

Executive Board meetings will be called on an as-needed basis by the Club President.

VI. Policies

Purchase of Equipment/Materials

Under normal circumstances purchases of new equipment for Club use will be decided during the Board Meetings with a majority vote required for approval of acquisitions. Under certain circumstances, expedited purchases by Officers are authorized, where they are consistent with Club interests.  Officers may place a down payment on equipment to secure sale prices or one-of-a-kind items needed for the Club.

Equipment repair/maintenance

Purchases of new/used equipment should be made along with a maintenance contract wherever appropriate.  Equipment purchased for the BBC will be of commercial quality.  It is Club policy that a servicing contract will be purchased to maintain integrity of equipment.

Gym Operating Hours

Members:  Members are permitted to use the facilities during all hours in which the Building 461 weight-room area is open. Access is through the card reader system. Facility use is restricted to current dues paying members. Members are strongly encouraged to inquire of unfamiliar weight area/cardio area users of their membership status.

Non-members: Employee non-members as well as guest, visitors and scientific facility users are permitted to use the Club facilities a single time to access the facility and equipment.

Personal Training

Personal training of current members by appropriately experienced and credentialed current members may be permitted at the BBC facility only with specific written concurrence of the BBC Board, and then only in full compliance with requirements outlined in the appropriate Club documentation.

A professional membership fee will be charged to those members wishing to provide the aforementioned services. On a quarterly basis active Personal Trainers (PTs) shall submit a roster of all BBC members availing themselves of their services. However the BBC Board will not involve itself in fee negotiation or scheduling, beyond providing the membership service of pre-screening the candidate PTs.

As the managing body for the Club, the Board shall respond to all formal PT complaints.  The Board will, as appropriate, investigate and where necessary take disciplinary actions (e.g., verbal warning to revoking BBC membership).

Personal training sessions should be arranged for off-peak time periods.

At no time will the BBC tolerate personal training of non-members in the Club facilities without special dispensation by the Board.

Disciplinary Action

Personnel (members & non-members) found abusing privileges of the facility through inappropriate behavior, deliberate violation of Club bylaws, destruction or repeated misuse of the facility and/or equipment will be banned from the facility for a period determined by the Board.

Revision Period

The BBC Bylaws and Constitution will be revised at least once every two years, preferably to coincide with election of new Club Officers.