Season runs from May through September.

Map of Field Location.

League Representatives:

  • Paul Sampson – x7178 / sampson@bnl.gov
  • Tracy Blydenburgh – x4422 / blydenburgh@bnl.gov

Eligibility Requirements

Employees will not be allowed to play until they have submitted a Medical Clearance Questionnaire and have participated in safety training. After filling in form, Print, Sign and send completed form to OMC, Bldg. 490.

Non-employees are not required to fill out the BERA Sports Clearance form.  However, after receiving their family badge, the qualifying family member must fill-in and sign the Proof-of-Medical Form and show the Captain of your team proof of insurance.  The Recreation Office (Bldg. 400) and/or your team captain will keep this receipt on file.

Rosters will be updated with OMC clearance status prior to the start of the season. Players are prohibited from consuming alcohol at the games until each teams submits an Alcohol Permission Form.  Spot checks will occur during the season. 

ALL INJURIES should be reported to Christine Carter and the softball board no later than 10am on the following day.  Include the injured person’s name, date, approximate time, injury,  severity, and a description on how the  injury occurred. 

Remember to stretch before playing (See the Softball Warmup).

All composite bats are BANNED from use at BNL. (Refer to Town of Brookhaven Approved Bats List).

BERA League rules, including modified rules for Mixed League.

Updated information & rainout postponements can be heard AFTER 4 PM by calling the Softball Hotline x2737.