Alcohol Form:

  • Request to serve alcohol on-site form and alcohol policy:  PDF Version

Other Forms:

BERA Club Activities – Insurance Information

Weight Room or fitness activities: Any contractor or family member (this includes spouse/partner, adult children, guests/contractors) wishing to use the Weight Room MUST present a copy of their medical insurance card and initial a receipt that states they have insurance in place in order to participate in any fitness activities or the weight room. The Recreation Office (Bldg 400) will keep this receipt on file.

BERA League Sports: BSA paid employees must fill out this BERA Sports Clearance Form* (pdf) and go through the clearance procedure with OMC @ 490 (not BERA Office). Once reviewed by OMC, the clearance form will be mailed to the player who must then furnish a copy to the captain in order to practice or play.

*Non-employees are not required to fill out the BERA Sports Clearance form, but are required to show proof of current health insurance in place and sign a receipt that states as much. The Recreation Office (Bldg 400) or your team captain will keep this receipt on file.

POLICY Change in effect: If you are injured during any recreational activity or while playing in BERA sports league on site, you must call the Occupation Medical Clinic at ext. 3670 or email immediately, no later than 24 hours post injury. Leave a message if after hours.

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If you have a question that is not addressed on this page, please contact Christine Carter at 631-344-5090 or Renee Warno.