07 Healthfest

BNL’s annual Laboratory-wide Table Tennis Tournament, organized by BERA Table Tennis Club and sponsored by the Quality of Life/BERA/Recreation Office and Health Promotion Program of Occupational Medicine Clinic, is one of the fitness events during BNL’s annual Healthfest since 2007.  All levels of experience are welcome to this fun, friends making event.

5:00pm-9:30pm Thursday October 11, 2007  The first Laboratory-wide Table Tennis Tournament successfully completed at the Recreation Hall.  The event started with the speeches of Christine Carter (Recreation Supervisor) and Michael Thorn (Health Promotion Program Administrator & Healthfest Organizer).  They were joined by 6 beginning, 17 intermediate, and 8 advanced  players in this historic moment of the BNL ping-pong community.  Retired Club President Yong-Nian Tang was honored for his 11 years of valuable leadership.  Dr. Yangang Liu, the No. 1 seeded player, won the title.


From left to right: Weiguo Yin (President of BERA Table Tennis Club), Christine Carter (Recreation Supervisor), Michael Thorn (Health Promotion Program Administrator & Healthfest Organizer).

Participants (33 registered, 31 appeared, 30 played)

Front (from left to right): Peter Takacs, Mirko Milas, Balwan Hooda, Weiguo Yin, Mike Margioni, Shiva Kothari, Yangang Liu, Yanbiao Zhang;  George Wei, Steven Ferrone, Chien-Ih Pai, Rui Si, Weiming Guo, Chunyan Tang, Lihua Yu.
Back (from left to right): David Grills, Lev Neymotin, Animesh Jain, Corene Wood, Kim Hayes, Yong-Nian Tang, Suntao Wang; Jianming Bai, Sabine Kessler, Xiangyun Chang, Quanzhong Guo, Jeffery Williams, Richard Wagener, David Gassner, Shuwei Ye, Lijun Wu.



First, I want to thank Weiguo for organizing this tournament so well.  Second, I want to add some observations from an “outsider”, i.e. one of those “occasional” ping-pong players that the tournament was intended to attract.  It was apparent to me that there is a very strong gradient in skill level, as indicated by the fact that most matches were decided in 3 games.  Given the fact that the tournament was completed by 19:45, there may be enough time in the schedule to add more games that could produce more equal match-ups.  My suggestion would be to try a double elimination format next time.  Alternatively you might want to have separate divisions based on skill level.  Finally, I want to congratulate Yangang for the win and thank him and the other finalists for showing us how it is done! — Richard Wagener

Thanks for your [Richard Wagener’s] observations–I know what I missed. . .  Perhaps a tournament could be scheduled for later in the year. . . — Cheryl Conrad

Congratulations on a great tournament.  Even though I went down in the first round I enjoyed it immensely.  I agree with the suggestions offered up by Richard Wagener for your tournament for next year.  Another option might be to have two brackets of 16 each by skill level again with a double elimination. . . Hopefully then I’ll recapture some more advanced skills and be more competitive. — Jeffery Williams

It was a lot of fun! — Sabine Kessler